A converter is a device used to alter an electric current, such as AC to DC or vice versa. 

An adapter is a device used to allow two incompatible devices to connect. This device will allow you to plug in your tool without changing its electrical current. 

To be sure your hair styling tools function properly, it's important that the voltage and plug type are compatible with your region. Most NuMe hair styling tools are dual voltage, at 110V-240V. You may need an adapter with NuMe hair styling tools depending on your region; however, we strongly advise that you do not use a converter with any NuMe hair styling tools. 

Dual Voltage: Hair Styling Tools and Sets

The dual voltage feature is not available on all styling tools at NuMe. All curling wands and straighteners are dual voltage tools when sold separately. NuMe hair dryers are at a consistent 125V, distinguishing them as singular voltage tools. All sets that include a hair dryer are not dual voltage. 

Although many tools are available with dual voltage, most products are only available with one of the following plug types: 

  • A (U.S.)
  • C (EU)

To allow for the international use of NuMe hair styling tools with different sockets, we include a complimentary type I (AU), type C (EU) or type G (UK) adapter with all international orders. Adapters are included while supplies last and will allow you to plug in your tools but will not change the electrical current.